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How to get notice for a Promotion?

When approaching your manager to have this conversation about your future be sure to set the tone. Depending on the managers discretion she/he may take into consideration some of the additional leadership support that you have offered to the teams’ development, this can weigh on their decision if you are ready for the next level in your Career.

1. You need to catch your manager in a good mood. Please don’t start talking about what you want when she/he just receive bad news about a family member or having a bad day in production. Make sure they are happy and ready to help you get to your target goal.

2. Have a binder ready to present all your accomplishments and how you have driven sales for the company. Also, you should include any special recognition or certification that you have receive during your time with the company.

3. Take on more leadership responsibilities to show that you are more than prepared to do the job.

4. Review the details of the job description to ensure that your skills transfer well to the next field of interest.

5. After you have executed and continue to improve on performance in your position, now will be the time to have another conversation with your manager to now make a stand. Come correct and know what you are going to say about why you are the right fit for the next job.

6. Put a timeframe in place, if you don’t get promoted within the desired time then you must decide to stay in current position to never speak on this again or leave the company all together.

So, once you have done all these steps and you still feel stuck then it may be time for you to leave.

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