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Krystle Crummey

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Krystle Crummey is an innovative Career Coach, licensed Financial Advisor and Business Management Consultant. More importantly, she's a business professional who understands that the world of work is changing and standardized classroom teachings does not prepare one for the nuances of business.

"Educational institutions prepare you to take exams.

Kore Advisory Group prepares you for corporate success. She has spent the last 10+ years in the industry cultivating

and refining her own professional disposition.


Now that the next generation has entered the workforce,

she's still shocked at the number of grads who are still

struggling with establishing their professional presence."

As a result, Kore Advisory Group was founded as a center for resource and professional development helping hundreds of individuals find their purpose and propel their passion/skill to advance in their Career or Start-ups.

She has spoken on many career development panels such as a women conference "Sharp Heels Career Summit", also lead interview strategy workshop at Strayer  University.


She enjoyed coming aboard as a mentor during 2017-2018 at Diamond in the Rough organization, to encourage young women to seek out the best version of themselves. Created real life scenarios that may arise during their personal transitions which helped guide them to make positive choices through challenges.




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