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Zhane F.

Cash Management Specialist

Thank you so much for all your efforts in creating and rewriting my resume. Over the past month I've submitted my resume online and received job offers. Secured a new career with a 10k salary increase. I feel more confident now in my resume. Thank you again for your amazing writing and creative skill. I will refer anybody that need help with their resume to you.

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T. Kittrell

Public Relations Executive Consultant

Krystle was able to instantly narrow down my recruiting search options matching my feedback and skill sets. Within two days I had a custom-made resume and different propositions for employment. I would like to express my gratitude for her resume editing services, prompt attention and making it easy for me to comfortably transition into a new business career. I highly recommend her services!

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S. Peyton

Folklife and Community Engagement

Krystle from Kore Advisory Group gave me the jumpstart I needed to return to the workforce. Life happened about five years ago, and I went from a full-time working student to a stay-at-home mom and caretaker. It had been so long since I applied for a job, interviewed, or even touched my resume, that I didn't even know where to start. I reached out to Krystle for help. She had me send a copy of my old resume and cover letter, and she got right to work. By the end of our first consultation I had something of a 3-D look at my resume which really clued me to ways of presenting my work experience that I would have never thought of otherwise. Her expertise help me to flesh out all of my relevant work experience--jobs I had nearly forgotten about-- and revealed just how qualified I was for the jobs I was applying. She worked with me on everything from updating and improving the look and content of my resume to revamping my personal statement and amplifying my web presents. Yes, all of which helped me to land my now second interview for the very first job I applied. Ultimately, she gave me a huge confidence boost in understanding my experience and knowing my worth. If you are at all unsure about how to market yourself in the current job market, your next career move, or even how to negotiate your salary, I would strongly recommend giving Krystle a call. For me, it was a complete game changer.

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